Singaporeans for Yong!

Save Vui Kong!

Yong with his siblings

Singapore activists that long supported Yong Vui Kong have created a site to campaign for a new leash of life for Yong.

The site said “This is a call to the people of Singapore and Malaysia to stand up for Yong Vui Kong, a teenager and drug mule who was caught in Singapore and sentenced to death for trafficking 47g of heroin in 2007. He is currently on death row in Changi prison.”


Other Sites / Campaigns

More than 150 people turned up at Speakers’ Corner on 1/8/2010 to support the petition for clemency

Petition for Clemency (1 Aug 2010)

The Death Penalty in Singap0re

Singapore Anti Death Penalty Campaign (FB)

TOC’s Mandatory Death Penalty Campaign Video


5 Responses to Singaporeans for Yong!

  1. adren says:

    i don’t support mandatory death penalty too…….give them a second chance…….
    everyone deserved a second chance to turn to a new life………try and think if the person were you to get hang , what would you do? of course you’ll pray for god to get a second chances…..remember always think of better sollution before you make a very big mistake….SAY NO TO DRUG AND ALSO SAY NO TO MANDATORY DEATH PENALTY..

  2. 吴阿迷 says:

    杀了杨伟光会解决新加坡的毒品问题吗? 一个年轻无知的小孩在短短的人生路途中只走错了一步,换来的是死刑,这是一个文明的行为吗? 为了要让全世界的人知道新加坡是个安分守己的国家,我们只能杀一个小生命来证明吗? 没错,杨伟光的确犯了一件大错误,他罪有应得,但我们不能以一个更文明的方式来惩罚和感化他吗?
    我并不提议新加坡政府无条件的解放杨伟光,新加坡政府应该以一个有人请味的方式来证明给全世界的人知道新加坡不是一个野蛮又不讲理的国家,惩罚杨伟光是必定的,但请运用一个文明而又有效的方式,比如;一个很长的感化过程, 行为良好来决定将来。 杨伟光只是一个迷途的小生命,让他有知错悔改的一天吧! 杀了一个生命,对大家都不好! 生命宝贵!

  3. 给个机会年青人,最痛最难受的是他身边的亲人…..

  4. Ho Leng Hong says:

    Pursuant to Article 22(p) of the Singapore Constitution, the President has the power to commute the sentence, from death sentence to life imprisonment, in accordance with the advise of the Cabinet. Why Singapore have this provision? why the right to seek clemency has been denied by the Law Minister of Singapore even though the petition havent presented? Dear Law Minister of singapore, do you think you are the president? You are deprieved the right of the young man Yong Vui Kong and offend the rules of the Natural Justice… Singaporeans oh singaporeans, you are not the peoples who always says that every persons are equality before the law? Then you should give 2 chance to our young man because he also is the human being…

  5. darren chee joon min says:

    I am not supporting the death sentence on Yong vui Kong in this incident. Of course all of us know that drug trafficking is wrong and against the law, but Yong Vui Kong is still young during his time he was caught, its useless that the law is being enforced just hang one person only, how about the drug dealers(middleman) who persuade him? Hanging him cant solves the problem because the BIG DRUG DEALER/TRAFFICKER are free everywhere outside. This is a common sense,simple and easy to be understand. Law are determined by human? Right? Did any articles or any references mention that Law are determined by God?

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