Save Vui Kong Campaign received a lot of enthusiastic responses from the public since the launching of the movement. Many concerned citizens called us or email us and asked What can I do to help Vui Kong and the campaign?”

There are many ways you can contribute:

1. On-Line Petition. You can sign the on-line petition and forward the following link to all your contacts for support.

2. Sign Petition. Collect the petition from following address. Or you can also download the hard copy version from following links (same documents as on-line petition), gather the signatures from your friends, colleagues and relatives and fax to 603-2272 4089 or mail it back to us by 21 August 2010. (English version) (Mandarin Version) (Bahasa Malaysia Version)

“Save Vui Kong Campaign”,  KL & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, 1, Jalan Maharajalela, 50150 Kuala Lumpur

We will send the petition to President of the Republic of Singapore collectively.

3. Local Chapter. Form a local chapter of “Save Vui Kong Campaign” with friends at the place you stay.

You can organise petition & awareness campaign at your community.

Just email / call us with your address, name, contact number and we will send you the materials (Flyers, petition forms, power-point slides etc).

We will post your contacts number / address in our website and the locals can contact you to sign petition or purchase merchandises from you.

4. Volunteer. You can take up volunteer work – translation, campaign coordination, manage website / Face Book page, write articles, design artwork etc. Just email your name, contact number, location & tasks interested to participate.

5. Donation. Donate to “Save Vui Kong” fund that will use for campaign and legal purpose.

1. Kindly bank in the money to Hong Leong Bank, Account No 20900019050, Name : Ngeow Chow Ying & Liau Kok Fah.


2. Donate Online  – You can donate through credit card, maybank2u, mobilemoney etc. Just click the link below.

6. Purchase Merchandise. Purchase ”Save Vui Kong” merchandises – T-shirt, badges, car sticker, bookmarks etc. Click here to buy one.

7. Participation. Support and take part in the “Save Vui Kong” Campaign activities, e.g. Attending talk etc.

8. Spread the News. Talk to your friends, write something on your Face Book or Twitter or any social network & media, join our Face Book page, post a link or comment in your blog, invite friends to visit our web-site and etc

9. Plead Malaysia Government for Action. Talk to Ministers, Member of Parliaments, State Assembly Men, Senators, Local Councilors and etc, request them to sign the petition and etc.

10. Walk with Us and Vui Kong. Follow-up on Vui Kong news, campaign and progress. Give us and Vui Kong the supports. Be with us, walk with us………..

For any further enquiry & comments, kindly email us at or visit our web-site regularly

Let’s Save Vui Kong together. Give Life 2nd Chance.


自从发布 “ 给予杨伟光第二次机会”签名请愿运动后,杨伟光后援会收到各地社会人士的热忱的反馈。

许多关切的公众人士致电或电邮询问:“ 我可以对帮助伟光和签名请愿运动做些什么吗?”


1. 请您签署以下网址的签名请愿书,同时转寄给您所有朋友以寻求他们的支持。

2. 列印请愿书,收集签名您也可以从下列三个语言版本的请愿书下载个别签名表格来向您的朋友、同事和亲属们收集签名,然后邮寄给我们,截至日期是2010年8月22日。


“Save Vui Kong” Campaign
Kuala Lumpur & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall
1, Jalan Maharajalela, 50150 Kuala Lumpur,


3. 在您住的社区与亲友们成立“杨伟光后援会”分会

您可以在您的社区组织签名请愿运动和唤醒社区关注此运动。只须将您的姓名、地址、联系号码告诉我们,我们就会把相关的资料(传单、请愿书表格、周边产品、资料等 )邮寄给您们。


4. 您可以成为后援会的志愿工作者,并负责相关工作—如翻译、参与协调、管理网站/面子书网页、撰写文章、设计图案美工等等。只须把您的联络电话、地址和感兴趣或能参与的任务项目电邮给我们。

5. 捐献给“为杨伟光请命”基金,该基金筹到的款项将用于签名请愿运动和协助杨伟光的法律用途上。

1. 直接把捐款存入 Hong Leong Bank 银行户口 20900019050, 姓名 : Ngeow Chow Ying & Liau Kok Fah.

2. 或通过信用卡,maybank2u户口,mobile-money 等方式在网上乐捐,请点击以下网址

6. 购买“为杨伟光请命”运动的周边产品,如T-恤、徽章、汽车贴纸、书签等等(周边产品将于稍后公布)。点击此以购买周边产品

7. 支持和参与, 出席和邀请你的亲友出席“为杨伟光请命”运动所举办的各项活动例如讲座等。

8. 向您的亲朋戚友宣传这个请愿活动,在您的个人部落格、面子书或社群媒体撰写相关文章,加入“为杨伟光请命”面子书网页,张贴相关连结或在您的网页设立相关论坛,邀请您的亲友们浏览我们的网页等等。

9. 要求大马政府及议员们写信给新加坡政府要求赦免杨伟光死刑,并关注司法行动。

10.为杨伟光打气, 给予伟光及他的家人朋友支持,大家一起加油打气!



31 Responses to Action-行动-Tindakan

  1. christine s.y.teo says:

    please give him a 2nd chance .SAVE VUI KONG.

  2. christine s.y.teo says:

    SAVE VUI KONG .please give him a 2nd chance.

  3. sandy lim says:

    i hope to save him because we can feel how a mother feels when she lost her son.

  4. agnes yong says:

    请给杨伟光一个改过自新的机会吧。SAVE A LIFE.

  5. p.w.lim says:

    to save a life is a most sacred deed.

  6. kim moy says:


  7. ahlam says:


  8. tansinee says:

    每个人都有做错的机会 而且他那个时候年级还小 也是为了想帮忙分担妈妈的负担才会这样做的。。 我觉得应该给他一次机会 因为这不是他有意犯下的错。。

  9. tanleewee says:

    给他一次机会吧 因为这不是他有心犯下的错 而是只是希望能帮妈妈罢了。。。 请给他一次机会吧。。。

  10. lee man says:

    死刑真的能够解决问题吗? 唉!很可惜………………………

  11. zoe leong says:


  12. Sylvia Lim says:

    Please give Vui Kong a second chance. Every human being make mistakes and he is still young at that time. He deserves a second chance. Give him a chance to live.

  13. Peter Lim says:

    Save Yong Vui Kong. Give Life 2nd Chance.

  14. miko says:


  15. keevenyit says:

    Save a life n for a new life…

  16. Ong says:

    please give a 2nd chance

  17. Cristine says:

    please give a second chance

  18. Irene says:

    he still young, please give him a chance.

  19. s.k ng says:

    please give a second chance

  20. Wong says:

    Yong had already regretted.He knew that what he did is wrong.So please give him a second life,save a life.We could know that he still young,he is learning many Buddhism when he is in jail.

  21. Tan Lee Chien says:


  22. Yong Siang Hui says:

    pls, pls give him a second chance to continue living. he stil young, can him a chance, he can help others in prevent and anti drugs. pls save him. now he is regret! so pls give him a chance!

  23. kevin says:


  24. JAMES says:

    hi there,everybody is pleading to spare his life by talking bull***t here,I’m certainly not here to stir the water but please face the real fact,which is rutheless Singapore jurisdiction which hold firm with its judegement and verdict delivered,I don’t think the Singaporean cabinet would spare his life.

  25. Tan chin chuan says:

    SAVE VUI KONG .please give him a 2nd chance.

  26. 吴阿迷 says:

    杀了杨伟光会解决新加坡的毒品问题吗? 一个年轻无知的小孩在短短的人生路途中只走错了一步,换来的是死刑,这是一个文明的行为吗? 为了要让全世界的人知道新加坡是个安分守己的国家,我们只能杀一个小生命来证明吗? 没错,杨伟光的确犯了一件大错误,他罪有应得,但我们不能以一个更文明的方式来惩罚和感化他吗?
    我并不提议新加坡政府无条件的解放杨伟光,新加坡政府应该以一个有人请味的方式来证明给全世界的人知道新加坡不是一个野蛮又不讲理的国家,惩罚杨伟光是必定的,但请运用一个文明而又有效的方式,比如;一个很长的感化过程, 行为良好来决定将来。 杨伟光只是一个迷途的小生命,让他有知错悔改的一天吧! 杀了一个生命,对大家都不好! 生命宝贵!

  27. hayden says:


  28. hayden says:

    EVERYONE!!!..pls spread tis news around so that more ppl can send tis appeal before 4 march 2011…for example..i hav do it on facebook..

  29. Vui Kong is fine and he is currently serving in Changi Prison, public is not able to talk to him or contact him directly. He is pending for the judgement of the judicial review on 17 Jan 2011.

    You can write to him by posting the letter to his brother Yun Leong who will bring the letter to VK during his weekly visit.

    Yong Yun Leong can be contacted as following:

  30. Simone says:


  31. Wong says:


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