Have you say sorry today?

Press Statement
Save Vui Kong Campaign
20th August 2011
This month, roughly every one in five humans in the world is celebrating the month of Ramadhan by fasting and cleansing their thoughts and acts. When the fasting month ends, Muslims celebrate Eid ul-Fitr (Hari Raya Aidil Fitri) by seeking forgiveness for their physical and emotional trespass (“maaf zahir batin”). Forgiveness is highlighted by our Muslim friends and it is also shared by all major spiritual traditions.

Regardless of faiths and creeds, we humans have the weakness to err.

We wrong others all the time, intentionally or unintentionally. We wrong our loved ones, acquaintances and even strangers. So often we hold back from admitting our errors and saying sorry because of our pride. It only holds us back, imprisons us in our past, sears our consciences, costs us integrity and often love, respect and trust.

So many couples separated, families broken, friendship destroyed, communities divided and even nations at war simply because someone refuses to say sorry.

Owning up our errors does not undo them because we cannot change the past. It can however change the present by allowing us to start anew and giving the wronged party an opportunity to let go. It will change the future – we will be reminded not to err again, and the wronged party can live with less pain and hurt if they choose to forgive.

We are prone to lose our sense and sensibilities in the daily routine, hassles, frustrations and anger, and have no time to reflect and say sorry. On every 3rd Sunday of the Ramadhan month, we delicate this day as the “Say Sorry Day”. On this day, we reflect, repent, seek forgiveness from and grant it to each other.

This year, the “Say Sorry Day” falls on 21st August 2011.

Say sorry now, don’t wait. Life is short and unpredictable. We may not have the chance to say it in time. They may not have the chance to hear it in time. You can say it anyway you like, you can say it in more than one ways.

¤ Meet them and hold their hands to say it
¤ Call them to say it
¤ Write them a letter
¤ Send them a gift
¤ Send a SMS to them
¤ Say it on facebook
¤ Tweet @them I’am sorry

We all feel hurt and angry when wronged. It hurts the most when our loved ones do it. That’s perfectly normal, but let’s be still for a moment. Have we not wronged others in our life? Are we not grateful when the wronged parties were magnanimous to forgive us? Being forgiven then allowed us to start anew and become better people.

So, Forgive. Forgive those who sincerely seek forgiveness. Holding on their faults only imprisons us in our past, denies the present and squanders the future. Let go of the past. Forgiving others makes you a stronger and better person.

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” – Mahatma Gandhi

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