SVKC is Disappointed with the Judgement on Vui Kong Appeal


Save Vui Kong Campaign (SVKC) is disappointed with the Court of Appeal’s decision on Yong Vui Kong’s application for judicial review.

Ironically, Vui Kong now has to plea to the Cabinet vis-a-vis the President for clemency, knowing very well that his plea will be rejected, as the Law Minister Mr K Shanmugan has made it blantantly clear in his statement, which states ‘Yong Vui Kong, he is young, but if we let him go, what is the signal we are sending.”

The Court of Appeal ruled that this statement is only a reflection of the “legislative policy” on drug, thus, does not amount to a pre-determination on Vui Kong’s clemency. With the highest due respect, we disagree.

Besides specifying Yong Vui Kong in his statement, the Law Minister’s statement seems to also indicate that it is the government policy that no one will be spared of his/her life when drug is involved, whether the victim is a “young person or mother of a young child”.

After the Court of Appeal’s decision, it is now clear that the Cabinet who made such policy also decides on Vui Kong’s plea for clemency, as the President MUST ACT ON THE ADVISE OF THE CABINET in this respect.

With this in mind, what can Vui Kong expect the Cabinet will decide on his plea for clemency?

It is therefore a mockery  that the Constitution grant the convicted person the right to a plea for clemency, especially in drug related offences, where in reality, the Cabinet who decide on clemency had already decided that no one escape the gallows.

We wish to stress again that it is the right of a person condemned to death to receive a fair and impartial clemency proceeding. It is an important process where due process and rules of natural justice must apply.

Vui Kong will, despite this decision, present his petition for clemency to the President, and we urge that the Cabinet and the President shall grant him clemency by commuting his sentence. It is not too late to correct the wrong.

Save Vui Kong Campaign will continue to plea for Vui Kong. Vui Kong is remorseful, he has learned his lesson and he wish to redeem his sin by educating young people like him not to follow his path, not to fall into victim of the drug barons. He has been punished for his mistake.

SVKC believe granting Vui Kong clemency is in line with Singapore’s interest including the strict policy against drug trafficking. His receiving clemency will not encourage more young persons to engage in the drug trade, as the honourable Law Minister suggests.



新加坡上诉庭昨天驳回了我国青年死囚杨伟光的上诉申请,裁定新加坡总统没有绝对权力宽赦死囚。上诉庭也认为,律政部长的评论只是反映立法政策,不会对杨伟光的宽赦申请造成偏见(prejudice)。 【点击:裁定总统宽赦权非绝对 上诉庭驳回杨伟光申请】

杨伟光后援会今天发表文告说,难认同上诉庭的裁决,新加坡律政部长山姆甘(K. Shanmugam) 的评论似乎表明新加坡政府的政策是,若任何人涉及毒品,那就难逃一死,不管是判刑人是“青年、母亲或小孩”。








Save Vui Kong Campaign (SVKC)


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