VK’s appeal on Monday

On 9.5.2010, the Honorable Law Minister of Singapore has publicly made a statement pertaining to Vui Kong case.

The statement has basically rejected Vui Kong clemency even though it has not been filed and presented. This has denied Vui Kong rights to a fair and impartial clemency proceeding.

On this point, Vui Kong filed an application for judicial review, praying for an order of the court declaring that the Law Minister remarks has irreversably tainted Vui Kong clemency proceeding. The High Court has dismissed Vui Kong application on 13.8.2010.

Vui Kong appeal against such decision and the appeal is now fixed for hearing, the details are as follows:- Date : 17.1.2011 (Monday) Time: 10am Venue : Singapore Court of Appeal, Supreme Court building Appeal No: CA144/2010.

The hearing is in open court and the public are allowed to attend the hearing. Yong Vui Kong will be brought to the court for this appeal hearing.

Please attend the hearing. For further information, kindly contact Ms Chow Ying at 016-673 1909.


Latest update

On 17 January the Court of Appeal heard Yong Vui Kong’s appeal to stay his execution on the grounds that he had been denied a fair clemency process.  M. Ravi argued that the process of clemency, which was denied by the President last December, had been prejudiced by public statements made  earlier in the year by the Minister of Justice in favour of his execution. The Court of Appeal  reserved judgment  which means that the decision could be delivered any time and Yong  executed  if the appeal  and the clemency is rejected.


About givelife2ndchance

Give Life 2nd Chance is a movement dedicated to work on abolish death penalty in Malaysia.
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  1. hayden says:

    EVERYONE!!!pls spread tis news around so that more ppl can send tis appeal before 4 march 2011…for example..i hav do it on facebook..http://www.facebook.com/fansuhayden

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