Vui Kong clemency deadline extended

Good news!

VK’s Counsel M Ravi has just received a letter today from the Prison Authority that the deadline for his plea of clemency is extended to a future date pending to his appeal against the High Court’s ruling on judicial review.





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About givelife2ndchance

Give Life 2nd Chance is a movement dedicated to work on abolish death penalty in Malaysia.
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5 Responses to Vui Kong clemency deadline extended

  1. sharon chan says:

    all the best MR.RAVI….!!!
    hope he can regain freedom..

  2. anak sarawak says:

    Praying God will have mercy on Yong and that M. Ravi will succeed in his effort to apply for clemency for Yong. Praying the President has the heart of a good and compassionate father. Praise God for with-holding the death-sentence! Yong would do well to believe and trust in Jesus, Who died for his sins, and Whose blood washes the believer whiter than snow. Faith in Jesus guarantees LIFE after this life. May God’s mercy be upon Yong! May Yong find Jesus and be found by Him!

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