96,622 Person Plead for Vui Kong , To Hand In the Petition to Singapore Istana on 24 August 2010

Save Vui Kong Campaign (SVKC) thanks the public for their support on the signature campaign for a plea of clemency for Yong Vui Kong. This is a plea to commute the death sentence so that Yong can be spared from the gallows.

As at 6pm 22 August 2010, Save Vui Kong Campaign have received total of 96,622 signatures, out of which 29,172 from online petition, 40,138 from Sabah, 25,112 from Peninsular Malaysia, and 2,200 from Singapore.

We also received 44 Members of parliament and 15 Senators support on the plea.

Yong Vui Kong’s lawyer M Ravi, family and Save Vui Kong Campaign Coordinator will hand over these petitions to the President of the Republic of Singapore on Tuesday 24th August 2010, 9am at the Istana.

These petitions are handed over to the President for His Excellency’s consideration without prejudice to Yong’s right to seek legal recourse in relation to the Honourable Law Minister K Shunmugan’s remarks, which had effectively denied Yong a fair and impartial clemency proceeding and a violation of due process.

SVKC believe granting Yong clemency is in line with Singapore’s interest including the strict policy against drug trafficking. His receiving clemency will not encourage more young persons to engage in the drug trade, as the honorable Law Minister suggests.

Yong is a changed person after his imprisonment. Finding a faith in Buddhism, he is using the remaining days of his life to counsel fellow inmates and also educate the general public on how drugs destroy life. His Excellency’s decision on Vui Kong  clemency plea is therefore a judgment on whether more lives can be saved by ending one life or by allowing him the second chance to make good for the damage he has caused to society.

Unless otherwise extended by the Singapore’s Prison Authority, the last date for Yong Vui Kong to file the clemency petition remains to be 26th August 2010. The President will, in normal circumstances, takes three (3) months to make a decision. Should the President reject Yong’s clemency plea, execution will be carried out within weeks.

The Save Vui Kong Campaign however does not end here. We will continue to collect signatures until the President makes a decision. Public who wish to sign the petition may do so online via http://www.petitiononline.com/SaveVK/petition.html

Save Vui Kong Campaign

9万6622人为杨伟光请命 请愿书后天交新国总统府





提交这些请愿签名予总统阁下,是请求阁下在无偏颇的情况下,考虑伟光的宽赦申请。这是由于新加坡律政部长山姆甘(K. Shanmugam)于早前事先否决了伟光的宽赦,剥夺了伟光获得不偏颇和公正的法律上诉权利。







About givelife2ndchance

Give Life 2nd Chance is a movement dedicated to work on abolish death penalty in Malaysia.
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