VK Letter to Eldest Brother, 伟光给大哥的家书(31/5/2010)








2010年5月3 1日,星期一


Big Brother:

I hope you are well. I write to you with great joy, and in this letter, I hope to share with you a writings which can help you to understand the root of suffering. All suffering comes from oneself, and the root of suffering is ignorance. For example, issues which one faces in life must be dealt with properly. Instead, if one only uses his experience and does not make use of reason, he is said to be ignorant.

Brother, while I am here, I take time off every day to learn Buddhism. I also read the newspapers, and have seen reports of people unduly suffering from their ignorance. These people are unenlightened, yet they arrogantly think that they know it all. They assume that other people are wrong, and do not question their own conscience. Brother, the first thing the Buddha said when he attained enlightenment was: “All sentient beings are equal and possess the nature of a Buddha. They are only confused by the illusion in front of them.”

Brother, I sincerely urge you to learn positive realization and wisdom, to learn to prepare for the future. To attain such wisdom, you have to learn from the enlightened. The realization of Dharma is only pure if it is realized with equality. Only then will you not harm any other sentient beings in this life and the next. You will definitely not harm yourself too.

When you have a positive mental framework, these concepts will be internalized to become your own. Once you have these wholesome concepts, you will have a bright future ahead.

The world once had a great person who attained enlightenment – the Buddha (who is known by many other names). Most of us call him the Namo Shakyamuni Buddha. The meaning of Buddha is “Supreme realization of all Dharma.”(The awakened).

Brother, if you want to learn various Dharmas, you must learn from the four kinds of Buddhist disciples: 1) Monks; 2) Nuns; 3) Male disciples and 4) Female disciples.

Once you understand all the steps, you will have a bright future ahead.

However, you must understand the essence of these teachings. It is okay if you do not, as long as you willingly learn. However, you must have the determination to keep going until you understand.

31/5/2010, Monday

From Younger brother Vui Kong


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