Campaign Launched for Vui Kong 2nd Chance


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8 Responses to Logo_Eng

  1. Nelson Lee says:

    Give Life 2nd Chance 给生命第二次机会 to Yong Vui Kong.

  2. JANE says:

    I am a Sabahan (Malaysian), and loves my country and its people. I believe that GOD ALMIGHTY is loving us too, even we had sins against HIM. HE FORGIVE AND LOVES US. We human (no matter what religions) must forgive and willing to give our brother or sisther second change to correct their mistakes in life. We need to learn from mistakes and so do Yong Vui Kong. GOD will guide us all.

  3. Toi Kok Siang says:

    I believe everyone would need a chance. Vui Kong is so young and he fully realised what mistake he made, I do hope this social can give him and his family another chance, let he continue living and have a chance to do something make this social to be better.

  4. thomas yong says:

    i wish Singapore should be give yong vui kong life two chance

  5. Wilson Phang says:

    Dearest Singapore…

    KINDly give this young boy a second chance, he might help thousands of younger generation in the future.

  6. Ani Ea says:

    Please please give this young man a chnace.
    Everyone deserve a second change to do better . Think if it was youself , whom amde big mistake, and hang for it todeath and nto given a second change to correct and do better with ones life.
    Pease give him a chance to live and use his life better, im so sure he will now, and can benefit in manyw ays from this hard hard mistake he made for himself.

  7. Tye Chee Chong says:

    this young boy committed the offence at age of 18 and is to young to understand the penalty is death mandatory. We pray that he will be given a second chance to contribute to the society to make a better world.

  8. mark says:

    Give Life 2nd Chance 给生命第二次机会 to Yong Vui Kong.

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