Campaign Launched for Vui Kong 2nd Chance

July 21, 2010

Youthful folly led an 18-year-old to drug-trafficking. Today, at 22, he pledges his remaining life to campaign against drug-trafficking and drug abuse. Should his life ends tomorrow to deny him and others like him a second chance?

The Save Vui Kong Campaign (SVKC) today calls upon elected representatives and members of the public to plead to His Excellency Singapore President Sellapan Ramanathan to grant clemency to death convict Yong Vui Kong.

Yong may be hanged anytime after this 26 August if his plea for clemency is rejected.

Unfortunately, his right to seek clemency under the Singapore’s Constitution has been compromised by statement of the Hon. Minister of Law K. Shanmugan.

Even before his clemency plea is officially filed, Mr Shanmugan was quoted to have told the press: “Yong Vui Kong (who was sentenced to hang for trafficking in 47g of heroin) is young. But if we say, ‘We let you go’, what’s the signal we’re sending? We’re sending a signal to all drug barons out there: Just make sure you choose a victim who’s young or a mother of a young child and use them as the people to carry drugs into Singapore.”

Singapore’s Unrecognized Ally in Anti-Drug Campaign

The real signal Singapore is sending should Vui Kong be pardoned is exactly the opposite to what Mr Shanmugan has second guessed.

Vui Kong is a completely changed person after his arrest. He has found his spiritual salvation in Buddhism and vowed to use his remaining days to counsel lost souls like he once was and to campaign against drug-trafficking and drug-abuse.

Vui Kong who just want to redeem his past sins is actually an unrecognized ally of the Singapore Government in the latter’s anti-drug campaign. Executing him will not stop the next drug trafficker, just like the execution of previous traffickers did not stop Vui Kong, who was illiterate and did not know even about the death penalty.

Keeping Vui Kong alive may however may. He will do whatever he can to get his message of regret and redemption out to many young lives and saving them from drugs.

A second chance for Vui Kong is therefore also a second chance for many others out there.

What the Elected Representatives Can Do

All 222 members of parliamentarians from the Dewan Rakyat, 69 sitting Senators and 60 state assemblypersons of Sabah are invited to personally make their plea. We have prepared a card for them to sign and mail it back using a stamped self-addressed envelope by next Friday (31 July 2010). Concerned state assemblypersons from other states are welcome to join. We will then present these personal plea cards together to the Istana – Office of the President of Singapore.

What the Members of the Public Can Do

Members of the public can go online to endorse a petition to the Singapore president at SaveVK/petition.html. They can help the campaign further by printing the petition and signature form (available in three languages) to collect signatures from families, friends, colleagues and even strangers. The URLs for downloads are kl6t1gf5ss
(English Version) ibce9v8kcd
(Mandarin Version) daqymy6vtu
(Bahasa Malaysia Version)

Completed signature forms should be mailed to reach the address below by August 22

“Save Vui Kong” Campaign
Kuala Lumpur & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall
Jalan Maharajalela,
50150 Kuala Lumpur,


Wanted: 100,000 signatures to save Vui Kong

Lee Way Loon & Joseph Sipalan, Jul 21, 10 3:56pm (Malaysia Kini)

The ‘Save Vui Kong’ campaign aims for 100,000 signatures by Aug 23 to support a petition requesting clemency for Yong Vui Kong, a Malaysian who is on death row for drug trafficking in Singapore.

Some 2,000 signatures have been collected since the drive was launched two days ago in support of the 22-year-old from Sandakan, Sabah.

NONECampaign coordinator Ngeow Chow Ying said the campaigners hope that all 222 members of parliament, 69 senators and 60 Sabah state assemblypersons will count themselves among the signatories.

“We have prepared a card for them to sign and mail back using a stamped self-addressed envelope by (July 31),” she told a press conference in Parliament House today.

The campaign is co-sponsored by the civil rights committee of the Kuala Lumpur-Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall and human rights NGO Suaram.

“Concerned state assemblypersons from other states are also welcome to join in. We will then present these personal plea cards together to the Istana – the Office of the President of Singapore.”

Ngeow stressed that, contrary to what Singaporean authorities have said, clemency for Yong would be a boon for the city-state’s anti-drugs campaign, as it would prove that wayward youths can be rehabilitated.

“Vui Kong is a completely changed person after his arrest. He has found his spiritual salvation in Buddhism and has vowed to use his remaining days to counsel lost souls like he once was and to campaign against drug trafficking and drug abuse.

“He will do whatever he can to get his message of regret and redemption out to many young lives and save them from drugs. A second chance for Vui Kong is therefore also second chance for many out there.”

‘Minister overstepped authority’

Singapore law minister K Shanmugam had previously been quoted by local media as saying that granting Yong clemency would “seriously undermine” the city-state’s anti-drug policies.

“We (would be) sending a signal to all drug barons out there: Just make sure to choose a victim who is your or a mother of a young child and use them as the people to carry the drugs into Singapore,” he was quoted as saying.

Tunku Abdul Aziz, who was among four Pakatan Rakyat senators at the press conference, decried Shanmugam’s statement, saying it has done damage to Yong’s chances of getting clemency from the president of Singapore.

“This is a case where a minister oversteps his authority. He should allow the appeal to go through. The comment is totally unhelpful,” said Tunku Abdul Aziz.

“I really hope the Singapore government, in its wisdom, will take into account the points we (have) raised, as well as the online petition.”

The signatures must be submitted to Singapore president Sellapan Ramanathan before the deadline for Yong’s clemency plea expires on Aug 26.

Poverty cited

Yong’s story is one of tragic youth as he fought his way out of a difficult childhood only to face the gallows for transporting a gift to a client of his “big brother” from Malaysia to Singapore.

The gift turned out to be 47gm of heroin.

He was only 18 years and 6 months old when arrested on June 13, 2007 at a hotel in Singapore for having the drug in his possession.

Raised in a broken home, Yong was forced into back-breaking manual labour when only 12, moving oil palm fruit on his grandfather’s estate, as his mother could not support her six children on her meagre salary as a dishwasher.

Their poverty was also the reason why he did not complete his Year 6 education.

NONEWhen he turned 15, Yong moved to Kota Kinabalu in search of better opportunities to help his mother, who suffers from chronic depression.

While there, he realised the potential for even greater opportunities by moving to Kuala Lumpur, which he did after saving up enough money.

Arriving with just the shirt on his back, Yong worked at odd jobs – in the process, getting to know “friends” in secret societies.

The situation back home did not get better, especially after one of his sisters was involved in an accident. The trauma pushed his mother over the edge and she attempted suicide.

The last time he was with his family was during a short holiday to celebrate his mother’s birthday in Sandakan between May and June 2007, before a “friend” in Kuala Lumpur made him an offer he could not refuse.

Given the promise of a big payout for simply delivering a “gift”, he took up the offer in the hope that he could finally help his ailing mother.

He was arrested and charged with drug trafficking. The Singapore courts found him guilty and sentenced him to death on Jan 7, 2009.

His mother still does not know about his sentence, as family members fear that she will not be able to handle the shock.


Singapura diminta ampun pesalah dadah rakyat Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR, 21 Julai — Presiden Singapura S.R.Nathan dan kerajaan republik itu diminta memberi pengampunan kepada seorang rakyat Malaysia, Yong Vui Kong, 22, yang dihukum mati kerana kesalahan mengedar dadah di negara itu tahun lepas.

Ngeow Chow Ying, penyelaras Kempen Selamatkan Vui Kong anjuran bersama Jawatankuasa Hak Asasi Dewan Perhimpunan Cina Kuala Lumpur dan Selangor dan Suara Rakyat Malaysia (Suaram), berkata Yong mungkin digantung bila-bila masa selepas 26 Ogos ini jika rayuan pengampunannya ditolak.

Yong dari Sabah didapati bersalah pada 7 Jan tahun lepas kerana mengedar 47gm dadah kawalan jenis diamorphine. Rayuannya yang difail pada 1 Dis tahun lepas telah ditolak.

Ngeow berkata semua rakyat Malaysia perlu menyokong rayuan oleh Yong kerana ia bukan satu isu kaum.

Katanya satu kempen mengumpul tandatangan orang ramai dan wakil rakyat akan dijalankan dan hasilnya diserahkan kepada Presiden Nathan agar beliau mengampunkan Yong. — Bernama

Here are some news reports in launching event:

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Give Life 2nd Chance is a movement dedicated to work on abolish death penalty in Malaysia.
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12 Responses to Campaign Launched for Vui Kong 2nd Chance

  1. josephine says:

    Gve yong another chance to change a new person.. he learn his lesson well,
    God forgive sinners what more to a 19 boy who is remorseful of his actions..

  2. give him to live to tell or educate the would be criminals of drug trafficking

  3. hassan mohmed ali says:

    I think not just think I am very sure If we give this kid 1 more Chance we will Eliminate the drug promoters 100% Iam sure about that so I ask to give 1 more chance

  4. shark says:

    pls give him 1 more chance pls pls……………………….

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  6. Ting Chai Hea says:


  7. Daniel says:

    please give him another chance

  8. kfred says:

    please give him 1 more chance

  9. jefreday says:

    please n please give him another chance…

  10. jefreday says:

    just imagine if d situation is hapen in 1 of our family….provide an opportunity for him to live is not a loss for any party but the constitutional immunity would not be looked down upon by providing amnesty for mercy that poured singapore will reflect how the country is very strict, but most have high values of humanity … that we can forgiven by God why do not people forgive each other undand law .. I mean human values are highlighted in this case … to give life to him (vong) does not take a loss … please give him the opportunity to live and let him become a new man .. Let this second chance to be the last chance

  11. ismail says:

    Harap sampaikan watikah ini kepada Vui Kong,
    Saya amat simpati kepada Vui Kong dan berharap Vui Kong mengucap dua kalimah shahadah “LA ILAHA ILLA LAH MUHAMMAD RASULUL LAH” bermakna “Tiada tuhan yang berhak disembah melainkan Allah, Muhammad Rasulullah/utusan Allah kepada manusia”
    Saya merayu supaya Vui Kong mengucap kalimah shahadah sebanyak mungkin maka Allah akan mengampuni segala dosa anda dan sama ada Allah akan membebaskan anda daripada hukuman atau jika dijatuhkan juga hukuman maka Allah akan memasukkan anda kedalam syurga / kehidupan yang lebih baik di dalam kehidupan yang sebenarnya selepas mati.
    Ini kepercayaan kami orang Islam. Kebaikan yang kami inginkan untuk kami kami inginkan untuk Vui Kong didalam kehidupan dunia dan juga dalam kehidupan akhirat (kehidupan selepas mati / kehidupan yang sebenarnya) kehidupan dunia adalah kehidupan yang sementara.
    Wassalamu ala manittaba al huda.
    Yg ikhlas
    Sri Petaling Kuala Lumpur

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