Give Yong a 2nd Chance to help Singapore’s Anti-Drug Trafficking Policy

18 July 2010

Urgent Appeal :  Give Yong Vui Kong a Second Chance to help Singapore’s Anti-Drug Trafficking Policy

Yong Vui Kong, a 22 year old young man from Sabah, is about to be hanged in Singapore.

He was arrested in 13 June 2007, when he was 18 years and 6 months old, by officers from the Central Narcotics Bureau, Singapore. He was later charged with trafficking drug amounting to 47.27g of heroin, an offence under s 5(1)(a) of the Misuse of Drugs Act (Cap 185). He was convicted in 7 January 2009 and sentenced to death.

In Singapore there is a mandatory death sentence for all drug trafficking cases involving more than 15g of heroin leaving judges no discretion to consider factors such as age, background of the offender or other special circumstances.

Yong was brought up in poverty and had taken on odd jobs at an early age of 10. He received very little education and was left alone without any real guidance. These have eventually led him to the path that damages others’ lives. Yong is a changed person after his imprisonment. Finding faith in Buddhism, he is using the remaining days of his life to counsel fellow inmates and also educate the general public on how drugs destroy life.

Youg Vui Kong has exhausted his appeals. The only hope for his life being spared is if he is granted clemency and his death sentence is commuted to a prison sentence.

The last day for Yong to file petition for clemency is 26 August 2010. After which he will be hanged at anytime.  But his clemency appeal was tinted after the Law Minister K Shanmugam’s controversial comments on the case.

Please take a few minutes to support this urgent petition that appeal to President of the Republic of Singapore, Mr S.R Nathan to give a second chance to Yong.

You can sign the on-line petition and forward the following link to your contacts for support.

Or you can download the hard copy version from following links, gather the signatures from your friends and relatives and mail it back to us by 22 August 2010.
(English Version)
(Mandarin Version)
(Bahasa Malaysia Version)

“Save Vui Kong” Campaign
Kuala Lumpur & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall
1, Jalan Maharajalela,
50150 Kuala Lumpur,

We will send the petition to President of the Republic of Singapore collectively.

For any enquiry, kindly email us at

Lets Save Vui Kong together. The Clock is Clicking!!!

Best regards,
Save Vui Kong Campaign


Give Yong a 2nd Chance to help Singapore’s Anti-Drug Trafficking Policy

To: Your Excellency, The President of the Republic of Singapore, Mr S.R Nathan

We, the undersigned, appeal Your Excellency to exercise the powers conferred upon you pursuant to Article 22P of the Constitution of the Republic of Singapore (“the Constitution”), to grant pardon to Yong Vui Kong, a young Malaysian who has been convicted and sentenced to death.

1. We understand Singapore, like Malaysia, has a strict policy against drug trafficking which carries a mandatory death penalty. However, given that the Constitution allows clemency plea for persons sentenced to death means that no sentence of capital punishment is by default excluded from reconsideration for a second chance.

Singapore as a country that upholds the importance of due process and whose economic success is built on this principle nust therefore ensure that every plea of clemency by person sentence to death must be duly considered. After the honourable Law Minister K Shanmugam’s controversial comments on the case, Singapore’s reputation for abiding legal process is now in question.

2. We believe granting Yong clemency is in line with Singapore’s interest including the strict policy against drug trafficking. His receiving clemency will not encourage more young persons to engage in the drug trade, as the honourable Law Minister suggests.

Yong is a changed person after his imprisonment. Finding a faith in Buddhism, he is using the remaining days of his life to counsel fellow inmates and also educate the general public on how drugs destroy life. Your Excellency’s decision on his clemency plea is therefore a judgment on whether more lives can be saved by ending one life or by allowing him the second chance to make good for the damage he has caused to society.

3. We urge Your Excellency to consider the character of Yong in assessing the good he may assist in Singapore’s war against drug trafficking. Yong is an honest person and owned up to what he had done. He even withdrew his appeal against the conviction and death sentence when it was first handed down by the High Court, on the false belief that by appealing, he has to lie in court. And when Yong was finally given the leave to appeal to the Court of Appeal, he chose to appeal only against the sentence and not the conviction. Granting him clemency will therefore not hurt the credibility of Singapore’s Judiciary or its anti-drug trafficking policy in anyway.

4. We urge Your Excellency to also consider his family background, not on the grounds that anyone who has lived a hard life deserves special consideration, but on the grounds that he can connect with those with similar life experiences that drug-trafficking is not the way out. He was brought up in poverty and had taken on odd jobs at an early age of 10. He received very little education and was left alone without any real guidance. These have eventually led him to the path that damages others’ lives. He now wants to live on so that he can tell others not to take the same wrong path and destroy others’ lives.

We sincerely appeal Your Excellency to grant Yong Vui Kong clemency to stop more people from taking his path. Death sentences of previous convicts had not prevented him from doing so. Yong telling the lesson he has learned with his life may.

We appeal for a second chance for Yong and earnestly hope that Your Excellency would consider our heartfelt plea for clemency.

The undersigned,





1.      我们非常清楚新加坡与马来西亚一样,在毒品贩运方面实行严格政策,亦即包括强制性死刑。然而,该宪法允许对死刑犯的特赦处理,意味着没有任何死刑判决应被排除其被给予重新考量的第二次机会。


2.       我们深信给予杨伟光特赦的举动将为新加坡带来益处,包括对毒品贩运的严格政策。他的得赦并不会如尊贵的法律部长所猜测的那般,将鼓励更多年轻人加入毒品交易的行列。


3.       我们请求阁下慎重考量杨伟光的良好品格对新加坡反毒运动的协助。杨是一位诚实的人,他愿意承担他所犯下的错误。他甚至在高庭第一次下判他的死刑时拒绝做出上诉,只因他误以为上诉意味着他需要在法庭内说谎。最后当他被允许到上诉庭上诉时,他选择了只对判决提出上诉,而不是针对定罪。因此,赦免他绝对不会伤害新加坡司法的公信力或反毒品贩运政策。

4.        我们亦请求阁下考量他的家庭背景,这不代表困苦的人们拥有特殊考量的待遇,但他却可以让那些与他境遇相似的人明白,贩毒并不是唯一出路。他在穷困的环境中成长并在十岁之幼龄就开始打零工。他得到的教育少得可怜并缺乏真正的引导。这一切将他引到了毁坏他人生活的途径上。但可幸的是他现在想要继续活着以便能够告诉其他人切勿误入歧途以及毁掉他人的生活。





Peluang kedua untuk Yong Vui Kong agar Dasar Anti-Dadah Singapura diperkasa

Kepada: Yang Mulia Presiden Republik Singapura, Mr S.R Nathan

Kami, yang menurunkan tandatangan berikut, memohon dengan ikhlas kepada Yang Mulia untuk melaksanakan kuasa yang diperuntukkan di bawah Artikel 22P Perlembagaan Repulik Singapura (“Perlembagaan” berikutnya), mengampunkan Yong Vui Kong, seorang warga muda Malaysia yang dijatuhkan hukuman mati.

1. Kami memahami bahawa Singapura mempunyai dasar yang tegas dalam usaha membanteras dadah, termasuk hukuman mati mandatori, sebagaimana yang berlaku di Malaysia. Namun demikian, pengampunan kepada pesalah yang dihukum mati, seperti yang diperuntukkan dalam Perlembagaan, membawa makna bahawa mana-mana hukuman mati yang dijatuhkan tidak dikecualikan daripada pertimbangan untuk memberi peluang kedua kepada pesalah.

Ketegasan Singapura untuk mematuhi prosedur menyumbang kepada kemantapan ekonominya. Jadi, ia wajib memastikan hak untuk mendapatkan pengampunan oleh setiap pesalah dipertimbangkan dengan sepenuhnya. Setelah Yang Berhormat Menteri Perundangan K Shanmugam’s mengeluarkan kenyataan yang membangkitkan kontroversi itu, reputasi sistem kehakiman Singapura yang mematuhi prosedur kini berdepan dengan persoalan.

2. Kami yakin pengampunan Yong Vui Kong sejajar dengan kepentingan Singapura, termasuk dasar yang tegas dalam membanteras pengedaran dadah. Pengampunan terhadap Yong tidak akan menggalakkan lebih ramai pemuda untuk melibatkan diri dalam pengedaran dadah, sebagaimana yang dikatakan oleh Yang Berhormat Menteri Perundangan.

Yong telah insaf dan bertaubat setelah dipenjarakan. Beliau kini mendapat kesedaran daripada anutan Buddha-nya. Beliau bersedia membimbing rakannya dalam penjara dan menyedarkan orang ramai tentang bahayanya dadah. Maka keputusan Yang Mulia untuk mengampunkan Yong atau tidak, adalah pilihan antara “untuk menyelamatkan lebih banyak nyawa dengan menamatkan satu nyawa”, dengan “memberi peluang kedua kepadanya untuk memperbetulkan kesalahan yang pernah dilakukannya kepada masyarakat”.

3. Kami memohon Yang Mulia mempertimbangkan sebaik-baiknya kelakuan Yong Vui Kong yang boleh membantu Singapura dalam usaha memerangi dadah. Yong seorang yang jujur dan sanggup menanggung akibat atas apa yang telah dilakukan. Malah, beliau enggan mengemukakan rayuan semasa Mahkamah Tinggi menjatuhkan hukuman mati pada kali pertamanya, kerana beliau telah tersalah anggap bahawa beliau perlu berbohong di mahkamah seandainya rayuan dikemukakan. Akhirnya setelah beliau dibenarkan untuk mengemukakan rayuan di Mahkamah Rayuan, beliau hanya merayu untuk mempertimbangkan semula hukuman, dan bukannya penghakiman bahawa dirinya bersalah. Oleh yang demikian, pengampunan terhadapnya tidak akan menjejaskan kredibiliti kehakiman atau dasar anti-dadah di Singapura.

4. Kami juga merayu agar Yang Mulia mempertimbangkan latar belakang keluarganya. Ini tidak bermakna orang yang miskin mempunyai layanan istimewa, tetapi kes beliau boleh menyedarkan orang yang berasal dari latar belakang yang sama, bahawa mengedar dadah bukan satu-satunya jalan keluar. Yong membesar dalam keadaan yang miskin, mula bekerja pada usia belasan tahun. Pendidikan yang diterimanya amatlah kurang, malah dibiarkan bersendirian tanpa bimbingan. Segala keadaan tersebut membawanya ke landasan yang membinasakan. Mujurlah, beliau kini ingin meneruskan hidupnya untuk memberitahu lebih ramai orang agar tidak terjerumus ke dalam gejala negatif dan memusnahkan hidup orang lain.

Kami merayu agar Yang Mulia mengampunkan Yong Vui Kong untuk menghalang ramai lagi yang menyusul jejak langkah seperti beliau. Hukuman mati yang sebelum ini gagal menghalang Yong daripada terjerumus ke landasan ini. Yong akan berkongsi pengajaran dan pengalamannya dengan yang lain sepanjang hidupnya.

Kami merayu kepada Yang Mulia untuk memberikan peluang kedua kepada Yong Vui Kong, dan menimbang rayuan pengampuannya.

Yang benar,

The Undersigned

About givelife2ndchance

Give Life 2nd Chance is a movement dedicated to work on abolish death penalty in Malaysia.
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