Yong Vui Kong, a 24-year old Malaysian, was sentenced to mandatory death in January 2009, for trafficking 47 grams of Heroin into Singapore. He had exhausted his appeals by August 2010 and he’ll be hanged anytime! He can only escape execution if the Singapore President grants clemency.

Please click here to sign the on-line petition to appeal to  Singapore President to grant Yong the clemency



Yong Vui Kong, seorang warga Malaysia, hidupnya mungkin bakal ditamatkan pada usia 24 tahun.  Yong melakukan kesilapan pada usia 19 tahun, ditangkap kerana mengedar 47.27 gram heroin di Singapura dan dihukum gantung sampai mati pada 7 Januari 2009. Yong hanya boleh dielakkan hukuman mati jika dia mendapat pengampunan  dari Presiden Singapura

Sila klik disini untuk menandatangani Rayuan kepada Presiden Singapura untuk mengampunkan Yong

About givelife2ndchance

Give Life 2nd Chance is a movement dedicated to work on abolish death penalty in Malaysia.
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  1. dennis says:

    Please give him a chance

  2. Christine says:

    he still young, please give him a chance, 由于他来自破碎家庭,教育程度不高,又来自沙巴,被老板利用犯错时才19 岁,现他已觉悟了,正在修行及修佛,他在牢里也渡其他的死囚,愿社会能给他一个重新做人的机会,给他轻判,好让他渡众生,贡献社会,

  3. chern lee says:


  4. Swen says:


  5. 理智的人 says:


  6. compass says:

    Take the remainder of this life to regain strength spiritually. Death sentence is harsh but also harsh is the past karma. We can only bless you so that you gain merits to negate your demerits.

  7. jimmy chu says:

    Please give him another chance, 22 years old, there’s so much more to life
    to learn.

  8. JaneDoe says:

    Well, for the past 18 years and 6 months of his life, what has he learned? Giving a chance to him would mean giving chances to other men and women who does the same thing as he did. Unless he can prove himself innocent, then he has the right to appeal.

    I say, he knows what he was going into at the moment he decided to traffic drugs.
    Pray for a miracle to happen to save his life.

    • anieyo says:

      Jane, how can you be so heartless. Nobody is perfect; we all make mistakes. Vui Kong was a teenager when this happened. Are you saying that you have never made a bad mistake in your life, or even as a teenager?

      Vui Kong, we are with you. Stay strong.

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