Emergency Motion on Death Row Case Filed

Susan Loone ; Jul 4, 10 5:12pm; Source : MalaysiaKini (http://www1.malaysiakini.com/news/136364)


Batu MP Tian Chua (below) has filed an emergency motion for parliament on Monday to debate the case of Yong Vui Kong, a young Malaysian faced with a death sentence in Singapore.

It is a last-minute attempt by Malaysian parliamentarians, lawyers and civil society activists to try and halt Yong’s execution as his clemency period ends next month.

Yong, who was only 19 when arrested for drug trafficking in 2007, had his execution in December last year halted when his lawyer M Ravi filed for a stay pending his clemency appeal.

Ravi when contacted said he is grateful for the support the parliamentarian is showing to the case, although he fears the motion may be blocked.

“This is my third round to Malaysia, I am really exhausted but am inspired by this sudden turn of events. I need all the support I can get,” he said.

Keeping case alive

Since last month, Ravi has been visiting Malaysia to highlight Yong’s case to drum up public support.

However, the high-profile case in Singapore has received little attention locally, until news websites started highlighting the issue recently.

NONEThe media attention resulted in the Malaysian High Commission in Singapore visiting Yong (left in photo), now 22, in Changi prison. They tried to broker a meeting between Ravi and de facto Law Minister Nazri Aziz, but the planned meeting was eventually aborted.

No reason was cited for the about-turn.

Ravi says he has however managed to secure a meeting with a deputy foreign minister on Monday at the parliament premises.

Singapore, like Malaysia, calls for death penalty on drugs-related charges. Despite the island-nation’s harsh laws, a German national did manage to dodge the gallows in 2002.NONE

Julia Suzanne Bohl, 23, was arrested in Singapore for possession of 687 grams of marijuana and other drugs in her apartment.

Bohl was eventually released in 2005 after laboratory tests showed the amount of pure drugs found in her apartment totaled only 281 grams – less than the 500-gram limit for marijuana which warrants the mandatory death sentence.



7月4日傍晚 6点51分 ; 新闻来源:当今大马 (http://www1.malaysiakini.com/news/136369


现年22岁的杨伟光,是在2007年因为运毒入境新加坡被捕,进而判处死刑。他本定于去年12月问吊,但他的的律师拉维(M Ravi)成功入禀宽恕申请令获批,展延行刑。













虽然如此,一名德国籍女子茱利亚(Julia Suzanne Bohl)却曾在2002年逃过一劫。茱利亚是因为拥有687克的大麻及其他毒品被捕,但后来化验报告显示,她住所所搜获得毒品分量,真正只达281克,未达到500克大麻的死刑要求。


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Give Life 2nd Chance is a movement dedicated to work on abolish death penalty in Malaysia.
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